God has a plan!

June 2017

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. (.Jeremias 29:11)


God blessed us with the parts of our car that we needed. A dear couple from South Africa, Owen and Margie, got offers and gave us the parts. We have already repaired the car and now we are in prayer to try to sell it and buy another car that will make it easier for us to go to the rural areas where we work, especially in rainy season. Please join with us in prayer and give thanks to God  for the life of this couple and for the people who were willing to bring these parts to us. And pray with us that the Lord will direct us on these plans.

Maseven continues his orientation and his studies about mozambican culture. He has grown a lot by studying and asking people many questions, as well as making new relationships. He continues working with young boys through football. The Lord has made a way in this ministry to reach out to the families of these children. He had a lovely experience with one of the young boys when hearing him tell his mother that Maseven was the person he had already commented on. His mother was very happy to meet Maseven and she invited  him to visit her home. Now we  understand that the doors have  opened and we need  wisdom to grabe these opportunities and share the gospel with these young boys and their families. He has grown a lot in Portuguese and can communicate a little better. Keep us in prayers for the Lord's wisdom, grace, and direction to share the gospel with these young boys and their families.

In April I (Eli) had a special meeting with my girls where by I invited one of the Mozambican missionary woman who is married to a Brazilian pastor. She shared her testimony of her life with the girls. She said when she was a girl like any other, she decided to rely on God's direction for her life and God showed his will . That testimony impacted those girls. Now they have bielived that it is possible and worthwhile to be different. I have meetings with these girls twice a months where we are studying the Bible in a method called "Discipleship Based on Obedience,". It has been a blessing to their lives and encouragement to me to hear their testimonies and experience with God. Please pray for these girls that God will give them strenght and His guidence.

At Easter our church baptized 12 new believers. for the glory of God. The church is on the process of building, but we need more resources.. Pray for these new believers for their discipleship and for finance and resouces to finish that building.

In May I (Eli) spent fifteen days in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique where I had a quick time learning Mozambican signs language. As many of you know, I worked in this ministry  in Brazil for more than 20 years. When I arrived in Mozambique in 2011, I contacted with many deaf people, but I did not have guidance from God regarding this ministry. After much prayer, the Lord directed us that it is time to invest in this ministry. According to some agencies of missionary statistics such as "joshuaproject", the deaf are considered one of unreached groups  peoples. Now the Lord has put us in touch with a mission called the "Door Internacional" that works with the deaf and translates the Bible into signs languages. According to the website of this missionary agency, there is an estimated of 70 million deaf people around the world and less than 2% have the knowledge of Christ. They are working on translating the New Testament into Mozambican signs language with a group of Mozambican and Kenyan deaf people. I went to Maputo to make contacts and think about a future and possible partnership with them. Please pray for the Lord's guidance regarding this ministry.

Another praise and prayer request

  • Thank you for your prayers for peace in Mozambique. The Government leaders and opposition decided keep the peace for indefinitely time.
  • Keep us in prayer about our health, we need the renewal from the Lord to face the challenges in this area.
  • Praise God for our families for their support and understanding of our calling. We ask God's intervention for some difficult situations that they have face in Brazil.
  • And, we give thanks to God for our church in Brazil. Also give thanks to our Lord for many intercessors and personal supporters. May the Lord continue to bless them and their families.

With love,  

Maseven e Eliethe Mthombeni
maseven.mthombeni@aimint.org / eliethe.mthombeni@aimint.org

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